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Terrie Christine

Terrie Christine is an internationally recognized Intuitive Energy Healer; TV Personality; radio and podcast featured expert; and author of “The Secret Power of You: A Guide to Mastering Your Inner Greatness” which is endorsed by Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the New York Times best-seller “The Four Agreements.”

For over a decade as a practicing Intuitive Energy Healer, Terrie has helped thousands like you access clarity, results, understanding, and a sense of peace and freedom. Through her work, she helps you clear away your stories and fears that are wrapped around old energetic blocks which hold you back and often contribute to emotional and physical chronic pain. Within a matter of seconds, Terrie Christine can uncover the history of the experiences you faced which led to the creation of your limiting beliefs. Client success stories have included (but are not limited to):

  • Freedom from chronic physical and emotional conditions
  • Communicating with loved ones who have died
  • Release pain from past trauma

Learning critical information to inform choices to transform their lives and increase abundance
Terrie Christine works with clients all over the world in-person and remotely and continues to be a source of emotional and spiritual healing in people’s lives and the larger self-empowerment community.


  1. One on One Hands on Healing
  2. Group Energy Clearing
  3. One on One Remote Energy Clearing
  4. Group Intuitive Development Training
  5. One on One Intuitive Development Training
  6. Psychic Readings
  7. Mediumship Readings
  8. Group Mediumship Readings
  9. Aromatherapy

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