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Michael Campbell, LMT

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By appointment only: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

Pricing and Packages

  • Advanced Bodywork drawing from 8 different bodywork systems – $100/hour
    • Packages: 5 sessions – $475
    • 10 sessions – 10th one is FREE!
  • SCTT spot work – $100/hour
    • Packages: 5 sessions – $475
    • 10 sessions – 10th one is FREE!
  • Structural Integration (2 hrs) – $200/session
    • Packages: 5 sessions – $950
    • 10 sessions – 10th one is FREE!

Michael established his spiritually centered, holistic wellness practice in 1980. His bodywork practice focuses on relieving chronic tension and pain, restoring structural strength and mobility. This is particularly important in the face of the nation’s current opioid addiction epidemic.

Michael’s primary bodywork tool is “Structural Connective Tissue Therapy” integrating “Present Centered Awareness” in addition to seven other modalities including sports massage. Science states that thoughts and emotions are directly connected to neuromuscular contraction patterns. So, this powerful combination can cause “freedom in the body and peace of mind” as an end result.

A purveyor of healing and background in addictions counseling, Michael also provides life and wellness coaching services, consisting of:

  • Holistic nutrition strategies for wellness
  • Weight loss management
  • Stress management
  • Whole food preparation
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Science based nutritional supplementation restoring anatomical wellbeing

Michael is also an instructor and group facilitator. Under his wellness umbrella, he wants to leave a legacy of healing. He is now teaching this rare bodywork technique to massage therapists around the country.

Michael is also an amazing vegetarian chef offering an introduction to vegetarianism as the foundation of understanding the importance of eating more healthy, while totally satiating your palate. He believes that healing comes in many forms including consuming yummy healthy food. Akin to his bodywork approach, research has also shown that food has a mental and emotional component. Michael celebrates joy and bliss in every aspect of life; his vehicle for perpetual healing!

Lastly, an avid sailor since the 1960’s, Michael can bring you “wellness on the water” via sailboat charters. Imagine being afloat while you are on this marvelous healing path; two journeys in one!

Are you ready?

Michael Earle Campbell, B.S., LMT, LWC
Holistic Massage Therapy, Life & Wellness Coaching
Degree: B.S. Health & Wellness
Licensed Massage Therapist: Lic. #M05154

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