Practitioner Profile

Margaret Presley-Stein, MLA, CHC

Services & Pricing

1-1 Personal Health Coaching sessions (1 hr): $90
1-1/Small Group Mini-check-ins (30 min): $50
Group workshops: $25-50 per class

Margaret is an experiential wellness educator and a certified health coach. Her career includes over 20 years of working with youth and adults of all ages in both formal and informal community educational settings. With an environmental science background, she looks at personal health and wellbeing from an ecology and ecosystem perspective. Multiple interlinked aspects affect our overall health, so together we partner to use a holistic approach to understand health needs and to support sustainable well-being.

She leads workshops and personal health coaching sessions to enhance daily lifestyle habits for overall long-term health and well-being. She can work with families, caregiver partnerships, and individuals to complement health support teams. She also leads hands-on workshops, 1-6 sessions in length. These workshops incorporate nutrition, exercise, lifestyle choices, and attitude.

Margaret lives in the Baltimore area with her family. She loves to read and explore in nature. She also enjoys a good cup of tea or pick-up sports games with friends.

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