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Ed Simon

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30 minute reading – $50
1 hour reading – $75

Ed Simon was going about life as he knew it and then one day, as he passed through the gates of Lily Dale in NY, everything became clear to him about his path.

Suddenly, every sign that he had from the days of his childhood and early adulthood began to make sense, as he received a sudden flash of understanding, an awakening.

Years before this Divine moment of clarity, Ed had many moments that surpassed his understanding. Moments where he saw angels and guides, visions where his grandparents came to him, offering advice, often surrounded by an audience of ancestors and unknown guides.

All of these seemingly scattered pieces came together in one instant when Ed passed through the gates, surrounded by angels on each side, at Lilydale, and suddenly Ed Simon knew exactly where he was going in life.

After his incredible experience, he began to see and hear more clearly the clairauidence information, and without realizing it, he would have a chance meeting with a person he had never met before, and began giving spot on, intuitive readings.

Since that moment, Ed has built a solid client base, and enjoys deeply each reading that he offers. His childlike energy makes for a joyful experience when receiving a session from him.

Session Types

ANGEL READING – Connect with your Arc Angels and receive guidance specifically for you.

CHANNELED MESSAGE READING – Looking to connect with your loved one from the other side? This reading will connect you with their soul and embrace you in love.

LOVE READING – Whether you are in a relationship already, or if you are seeking your soul mate, this reading will help to align you with yourself and your love match!

FUTURE PORTAL READING – Have concerns about where you are headed? Do you desire to help yourself see the path that will bring you the most happiness and peace? Then this reading is for you!

PAST LIFE READING – Want to explore your past life? Receive better clarity about where you have been and make peace with the past in this specialized reading for you!

CAREER READING – Do you desire success and greater understanding of your mission in this life? Then try this reading.

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