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Chandra Bliss

Services & Pricing

Spinal Decompression Yoga Therapy
Holistic Life Alignment Coaching
Self-Care Love Affair Mentorship for Hustle Addicts

Group Experience Options
Drop-in Class rate: $30
Four Class Packs: $90 – 5 weeks to use
Eight Class Packs: $160 – 10 weeks to use

Group & Private Experience Combinations
Newcomer Special! 2 Classes + 1- 60 min Private Session for $160 – 4 weeks to use
Bliss Builder: $225: 4 classes + 1 private – 5 weeks to use
Transcendent Transformation: $660 4 classes + 1 private/week – 5 weeks to use

Personalized Private Transformations
• $175 per session, up to 75 min
Bliss Builder Private 4 Pack $600 – 2 months to use
Embodying Freedom 12 pack (billed monthly $150) – 12 months commitment

Chandra Bliss is a Bliss Architect designing holistic Self-Care Love Affair, Life Alignment and Decompression programs for hustle addicts who want to transcend pain, stress, tension and guilt so they can live in flow with ease, joy, beauty, and balance. She combines a sassy sense of lighthearted fun, with her professional training and sixth sense to guide you beyond that tight, unfulfilling existence you’ve tried squeezing your body and life into. She has created a better world through sharing her short, easy, and simple techniques for how to create more space in your life by tell that unsustainable hustle to stick it… or really UNstick it… so inner bliss can flow through your life now.

Chandra barely escaped her own hustle as a real estate investor when unrelenting, high-level stress literally almost killed her. She answered that wake-up call by returning to her raw, pure love for holistic health, metaphysical healing, spiritual self-development, nature and dance… lots and lots of dance!

Now she’s taken everything she’s learned in the past 20+ years of her journey, combined it with her skills as a Spinal Decompression Yoga Therapist and created The Anti-Hustle Movement where she guides clients from resist to bliss- showing them just how easy it can be to soften, open, and let go of the pain and tension that’s affecting every area of their life and business.

How does it get any better than THIS?

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