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BethAnn Lederer

BethAnn Lederer a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) and Green Product Expert is the founder of WorkingWonders™.  

WorkingWonders is a healthy green home resource, offering socially and environmentally responsible finishings (carpet, lighting, fixtures, bath accessories, biofuel and gas fireplaces, etc…), furnishings (area rugs, furniture, décor, mattresses, bedding, linens, etc…), and IAQ (indoor air quality) products such as HEPA air purifiers. 

 We believe homes should be comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing, healthy places to live – and more green stores where people can find home goods and products (made in ways that protect people and respect the planet) are needed.

BethAnn can help you navigate the challenges of finding the right area rug, mattress, lamp, etc… And on top of that, one that’s also free of harmful chemicals. Bottom line, WorkingWonders™ makes it easier for people to buy things that keep their homes healthy for themselves and their families. 


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