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Annie Hopson

Annie teaches Tantra, Self-Hypnosis and Creative Problem Solving along with being a professional Cuddlist. She creates an exquisitely safe space, granting people Permission in their lives until they are able to create Permission for themselves and those around them. Annie catalyzes personal transformation through being “real” enabling others to be “real” as well.

As a child, most evenings after dinner I would sit on the carpeted hallway next to the kitchen to cuddle, pet and massage my little black labrador until she went limp with relaxation into a ‘pleasure coma.’

I’ve been said to have mesmerizing hands ever since.

Years later, my parents made me a massage table as a reward for not quitting college in favor of massage school. I did graduate with a degree in physics and math education and I taught school for many years. Along with that, I also got myself the professional massage therapy training I had always wanted — and so much more.

In my massage practice, I’ve often encountered people who were touch-hungry. They would have been better served by being held, rather than kneaded. However, my massage therapy professional ethics had little for them but shame when they asked for a mutual touch experience. Offering mutual touch during a massage session is illegal in Maryland and many other localities. It felt frustrating to not be able to serve my clientele to their best interests within the bounds of my profession.

So, if you’ve ever left a massage session feeling thoroughly touched, but still feeling disconnected, you might try a cuddle session instead. Professional cuddling is a new and differently effective way to achieve a profound relaxation through touch. I am a Cuddlist because I know the magic of platonic, caring touch. With me, you can experience that personal empowerment of having true clarity around giving and receiving touch.

People I work with generally have parts of their lives working well, yet have a feeling of emptiness in some area where they could use empathetic holding or problem solving. Because my personal training and skills run the gamut from therapeutic massage to hypnosis to creative problem solving to nutrition challenges, my preference is to design unique packages for each individual.

Please contact me for a complimentary individual discovery call.

I offer a complimentary 20-minute discovery call, where we get to know one another a bit and decide whether we are a good match to work together. At that time, we set an intention, a budget and a timeline. Please fill in the contact form below to receive a link to schedule our Zoom call.

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