We regularly attend tradeshows talking about the work we do and providing healing and readings. Liora is also often a speaker at these events. Here are some of the most recent:

Pathways, College Park
Falling In Love With Yourself, with Liora Brunn Hill

Do you ever feel you are missing how you could love someone or how you could be loved? Knowing there is more love available both to express and to feel, do you ever (rightfully) desire that Love to be present in your life? Well, it all begins with you. The extent to which you can love another, and the extent to which you feel love, is the extent to which you love yourself. In this one hour mini-class, you will do work that brings you into relationship with yourself in a way that ends with you fully loving you.

Karmafest, Oregon Ridge
Finding PEACE Through Strengthening and Empowering YOU, with Liora Brunn Hill of Zoetic Workshops

How often in your life have you been aware that Peace is not what you feel? How many times have you second-guessed your decisions, choices and opinions? Do you live your life feeling powerful? Strong in Who You Are? Do you really and truly simply LOVE You?

In a special workshop you will come to grips with your real relationship with yourself and turn your heart into one that is liberated to simply LOVE you. This class will give you tools to grant yourself the strength, the freedom and the power to BE exactly Who You Really Are both in this world and in your life.

Liora Brunn Hill is the Founder of Zoetic Workshops, LLC and Zoetic Wellness Center, Inc.

Zoetic Workshops is an enlightened space of Incredible Joy in our harmony together; Incredible Gratitude in experiencing each other, and Incredible Humbleness in the simple nature of BE-ing. Inspired by their core meditation curriculum, SO MANY people have jumped on board with Zoetic Workshops with the zenith of Heart, Dedication, Commitment and awe-inspiring Love. These people, working fully from their hearts, souls, minds and bodies access the eternal and bring to you genuine personal growth, authentic transformation, original life-altering techniques, conversations, exercises and ways of thinking that will and do give you the true experience of living a blessed life today. Zoetic Workshops works with individuals, communities, corporations and institutions.

Illuminate, Columbia
Reading Other People’s Auras: Learning And Practice Session, with Liora Hill

Liora Brunn Hill is the Founder of Zoetic Workshops and Zoetic Wellness Center. She is a highly respected and well-loved teacher, speaker and channel. People always find her classes fun, enlightening and genuinely life-changing.

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