Zoetic Integration Workshops

Zoetic Integration is a two-week experience designed to catapult you into powerfully integrating all of your Self with, from and through the Spirit of the Universe.

In this course, you begin with learning, practicing and strengthening Being Here Now as an access to God Consciousness. This ancient practice of the Initiates is threaded throughout the entire workshop.

Beyond the intellectual and conceptual study, this course is a full immersion into the reality of Being Being.

You will leave Zoetic Integration knowing and experiencing yourself as an Absolute Conduit having the tools, the wisdom, the trustworthiness and the power for the work you do in your daily life to imprint humanity with the Purity of the Love and the Light of God.

There will be luxurious time spent in silence, allowing you to truly hear.

There will be time spent with water, our life element.

There will be time spent with Mother Earth, for you are in a body. There will be time spent with others and time spent alone.

You will be trained in seeing auras, reading Akashic records and making use of guided information so that it is purely in service for the Highest Good and you are left as an empowered conduit.

Integration employs conversations, meditations and exercises, including daily practices, which release externally imposed structures, layers that have built up over time. In their place you will create a new blueprint aligning mind, heart, body and soul, and …

Laughter is a result of Being Present. Your laughter will increase in depth and breadth as you find yourself in This Moment. Here. Now.

As individual consciousness changes, so does the collective. Likewise, as the collective consciousness moves, so does each individual. This will be the journey of Your Voice.

When you re-enter the life you left, your core will be altered in such a fashion that your Being will inform your doing, not the other way around. As a result, your environment will become what you always knew was possible.

Upcoming Sessions

TWO sessions available in 2019!

  • July 21-August 4
  • August 4-18


All prices are per person.

New Participant Tuition: $2,000 + Room & Board
Whole Curriculum Tuition:
$1,800 + Room & Board
Reviewer Tuition:
$1,300 + Room & Board
Accompanying Non-Participant: $750 + Room & Board 


Room & Board


  • New Participant: $6,400
  • Reviewer: $5,500
  • Accompanying Non-Participant: $5,150


  • New Participant: $5,000
  • Reviewer: $4,300
  • Accompanying Non Participant: $3,750

DORM (4-6 people)

  • New Participant: $4,400
  • Reviewer: $3,700
  • Accompanying Non Participant: $3,150

Prerequisites for Zoetic Integration

In order to register for Zoetic Integration, you will need to have completed Zoetic Meditation (Level 1), Zoetic Expansion (Level 2), and Zoetic Completion (Level 3).

Whole Curriculum Discount

Register for the entire curriculum and SAVE $600!

$300 – Meditation
$500 – Expansion
$800 – Completion
$200 OFF Integration

Payment plans are available upon request.