Zoetic Expansion Workshops

All of us have had glimmers of Knowing at a higher level.

But few of us live life consistently Experiencing Being that which we Know. In Zoetic Expansion, you will be guided through an experiential three-point conversant of Knowing, Experiencing and Being.

From this experience you will permanently have an active access to the core of who you really are. You will build a foundational structure where you will source expanding expressions for any aspect of your Being.

The work you will be trained in will give you the facility to gently and powerfully create and re-create the essence of life for yourself and for others with and from the Spirit of God Consciousness.

In Zoetic Expansion you will:

  • Locate a central point of yourself for healing
  • Be trained in Advanced Meditations
  • Become fluent in granting Permission for any part of you, others, life itself
  • Deeply cleanse your Emotional Body
  • Embrace and authentically experience an essential God-part of you
  • Fully open to receiving through the core of your being whatever is harmonious for you
  • Face your relationship with help & need and come to balance both giving & receiving
  • Have the freedom to relish every moment of your human experience–both good and bad–such that it is all rich and wonderful
  • Be trained and practiced in beginning healing techniques


All prices are per person.

New Participant Tuition: $650
Early Registration Discount Tuition:
Reviewer Tuition: $500
Whole Curriculum Discount: $500

Register for the entire Core Curriculum and save $600!

Payment plans available upon request.

Workshop Schedule

Zoetic Expansion Workshops run over 3 days:
Friday: 2:00pm to 11:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am to 11:00pm

Upcoming Sessions

Prerequisites for Zoetic Expansion

In order to register for Zoetic Expansion,  you will need to have completed Zoetic Meditation (Level 1) first.

Whole Curriculum Discount

Register for the entire curriculum and SAVE $600!

$300 – Meditation
$500 – Expansion
$800 – Completion
$200 OFF Integration

Payment plans are available upon request.