About Us

So why a wellness center?

Zoetic Workshops has always had a sort of gravitational pull on people. From the beginning, it’s been the foundation of and for a community of people.  Having Zoetic Wellness Center gives us access to serving a larger community ~ we get to love more people! The more people we get to love, the more people they get to love! And the more people they love, the more…

Thus does transformation take place and spread.

For all people.

For our whole world.

Zoetic Workshops began in 2000 with Zoetic Meditation, now the first level workshop in our four-course curriculum. The subsequent levels ~ Expansion, Completion, and Integration ~ followed shortly thereafter.

One of the tenderly beautiful results from Zoetic Workshops is how the quality of your relationships ~ all relationships, personally and professionally ~ fundamentally alter. The “stuff” that impedes relationships disappears, melts away, as you surrender into a gentle Flow inside your own life while unabashedly producing extraordinary results. There’s an unquantifiable refinement in the timbre of relationship not only with yourself, but between you and anybody, life, the Divine, and all that is common and all that is sacred.

Who we at Zoetic have become as a result of doing this work together… that’s a thing we don’t don’t know how to describe. Words are finite, our relationships are in the infinite. There’s just something bigger than words to living as Who You Really Are.

As Zoetic Workshops evolved into a series of classes attracting more and more participants, happening more and more frequently, it became clear that we needed a space that could take care of more and more people. Along the way, the most remarkable collection of like-minded providers, each with their own unique gifts to offer, gravitated to Zoetic Wellness Center to both individually and collectively focus on you. Choose from some or take from all ~ Acupuncture, Healing Circles, Holistic Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Massage, Meditation Weekends, Nutrition, Readings, Reiki and Other Healing Modalities, Self-Hypnosis, Skin Care, a Variety of Workshops from Birthing Classes to Qi Gong to Tai Chi to Yoga to… well, more and more.

We are here…
For you…
With All Our Love.

Our Mission

Healthy Transformation – Body, Mind, Heart & Soul


Within our walls you are whole, accepted, and loved exactly as you are. It is here that you can let go, awaken, and experience being Who You Really Are.


We connect heart to heart as we all release into Being One.


Our personal and professional lives are focused on you, our communities, and our world as we consciously bring forth enlightenment moment by moment.

Our Founder


Founder – Zoetic Workshops, Inc.,  Zoetic Wellness LLC

Course Leader, Speaker, Life Coach, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Master Teacher New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation, NLP, iiYoga Master Teacher, Kundalini Reiki Master Healer, Ordained Minister

Liora is the founder and leader of Zoetic. She channelled the curriculum of Zoetic Workshops, is a teacher of sterling reputation, and has year-round speaking engagements. Her classes gently and seamlessly train people in meditation and other life-altering techniques, opening interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships while bringing balance and harmony into people’s hearts, minds, bodies and souls. She has a presence of Pure Love that promotes Peace and Internal Happiness in her students.